Albertson's Monopoly 2018 Rare Game Pieces


*** NOTE *** This is the 2018 page!

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Albertson's Monopoly (and the same game at other supermarkets around the US) began on February 7, 2018.

In addition to Albertson's, this Monopoly game also exits at Safeway, Pavilions, Carrs, Vons, Randalls, Eagle, Pak .n Save, Tom Thumb, JewelOsco, ACME Markets, Shaw's/Star Market, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Market, Lucky (Southern California only) and Super Saver in the states of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming.

When you shop between February 7 and May 8, 2018, you will receive game tickets each time you shop there, depending upon your total bill and number of items purchased. You will then need to collect 4-8 pieces to win most prizes.

If you're playing Albertson's Monopoly 2018, you shouldn't bother collecting a whole game board of pieces. That's because most of the pieces are VERY common and VERY easy to obtain. The winners will be determined by who finds the RARE game piece for each prize. This site will reveal those rare pieces to you, and you can throw the rest away.

Listed below are the prizes, the odds of finding the rare game piece (with 1 ticket), and the number of total game pieces you need to obtain that prize.

Note that for the seven of the eight largest prizes awarded, you also need a semi-rare game piece, of which the odds of obtaining are 1 in 5000. If you get the semi-rare piece, don't feel special, as there are many thousands of them out there. However, if you get the rare piece, you should be able to buy the semi-rare piece from someone on the internet. Do not overpay for the semi-rare game piece! Some people may try to trick you into splitting the prize. Don't do that. You should be able to get one for $100 or so, as there are THOUSANDS of them, and they will all be worthless except for the very few matched with a rare piece.

You may take a look at this thread on my Vegas Casino Talk forum, where I make a yearly Albertson's Monopoly thread. Feel free to post your trade requests on that forum (you need to register an account and verify e-mail).

Official site for the game

Official list of prizes and odds


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Last updated February 26, 2018.

Rare/semi-rare pieces listed in order -- if your piece isn't one of these, it's garbage:

108AH, 110BB, 116BH, 119CC, 121DA, 126EB, 132FD, 135GC, 138HB, 144JD, 145KA, 149LA, 154MB, 159NC, 164OD, 166PB, 172QD, 173RA, 179SC, 181TA, 182TB, 189VD, 190VE, 193WC, 194WD, 199XD, 200XE, 203YB, 206YE, 207ZA, 209ZC, 213AB, 218BC, 220CA, 227DD, 228EA, 235DS, 237GB, 242HC.


Here's the list in more detail:

Prize #
of Prizes
Odds of finding
Rare Piece with
1 Game Ticket
Number of
Game Pieces
Game Piece
Game Piece
(Odds 5,000:1)
$1,000,000 Cash (30 year annuity) 2 625,000,000:1 8 108AH None
$1,000,000 Vacation Home 4 312,500,000:1 8 110BB 116BH
$100,000 Cash or Luxury Car 15 83,333,333:1 5 182TB 181TA
$40,000 Vehicle of Choice 25 50,000,000:1 5 190VE 189VD
$25,000 Kitchen Makeover 35 35,714,286:1 5 193WC 194WD
$20,000 College Tuition 50 25,000,000:1 5 199XD 200XE
$10,000 Cash 50 25,000,000:1 5 203YB 206YE
$7,500 Family Vacation 75 16,666,667:1 5 207ZA 209ZC
$5,000 Cash 50 25,000,000:1 4 179SC None
$5,000 Groceries 50 25,000,000:1 4 173RA None
$2,600 Movies For a Year 50 25,000,000:1 4 172QD None
$1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries 50 25,000,000:1 4 166PB None
$1,000 Cash 100 12,500,000:1 4 164OD None
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card 100 12,500,000:1 4 159NC None
$1,000 Weekend Getaway 100 12,500,000:1 4 154MB None
$1,000 Laptop Computer 100 12,500,000:1 4 149LA None
$500 Grocery Gift Card 350 3,571,429:1 4 145KA None
$300 Spa Day 600 2,083,333:1 4 144JD None
$200 Family Picnic 750 1,666,667:1 4 138HB None
$200 Cash 750 1,666,667:1 4 135GC None
$100 Grocery Gift Card 2,500 500,000:1 4 132FD None
$100 Cash 2,500 500,000:1 4 126EB None
$50 Grocery Gift Card 5,000 250,000:1 4 121DA None
$25 Grocery Gift Card 10,000 125,000:1 4 119CC None
$25 Gift Card Mall 10,000 125,000:1 4 213AB None
$25 Cash 10,000 125,000:1 4 218BC None
$20 Cash 12,500 100,000:1 4 220CA None
$15 Grocery Gift Card 25,000 50,000:1 4 227DD None
$10 Grocery Gift Card 40,000 31,250:1 4 228EA None
$10 Cash 40,000 31,250:1 4 235FD None
$5 Grocery Gift Card 900,000 1,389:1 4 237GB None
$5 Cash 900,000 1,389:1 4 242HC None
Instant $10,000 Cash 3 416,666,667:1 1 Instant None
Instant $5,000 Grocery Gift Card 5 250,000,000:1 1 Instant None
Instant $5,000 Cash 5 250,000,000:1 1 Instant None
Instant $1,000 Grocery Gift Card 50 25,000,000:1 1 Instant None
Instant $100 Grocery Gift Card 1,500 833,333:1 1 Instant None
Instant $50 Grocery Gift Card 2,500 500,000:1 1 Instant None
Instant $25 Gift Card (Various) 28,000 44,642:1 1 Instant None
Instant $5-$20 Gift Card (Various) 227,500 5,495:1 1 Instant None
Instant Free App or Game Rental 7,750,000 161:1 1 Instant None
Instant Free Product Winner 112,172,220 11:1 1 Instant None
2 Free Game Tickets 30,000,000 42:1 1 Instant None
Free Rouxbe Cooking School 9,000,000 139:1 1 Instant None
Total Board Prizes 1,960,806 637:1
Total Instant 159,181,783 7.85:1
Grand Total 161,142,589 7.75:1


Finally, a note about second chance drawings.

You can enter codes online at for the second chance drawing.

While this is admittedly tedious and a pain in the butt, there are several very large prizes awarded there, due to the difficulty players have in obtaining the rare AND semi rare game pieces to win a big prize.

Last year, a woman won the $1,000,000 prize in a second chance drawing, and that might very well happen again this year. So keep that in mind.